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    Wencan listed three new board


    Nanhai listed in the 2015 third issue of the report published in March 31st

    Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 832154) was established in 1998, it is modern enterprise with mold design and manufacturing, aluminum alloy die casting, precision machining, heat treatment and surface treatment technology and it’s recognized the "hundred enterprises" and "vanguard" enterprises by China Casting Association, a high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province and Guangdong Province Enterprise Technology Center, and received the honorary title of China Foundry Association awarded the "China die casting enterprise top 20 in 2015.


    Wencan group headquartered in Nanhai Lishui Town, at present it has been set up a die casting factory  and a mold factory in Lishui Town and built two wholly-owned subsidiary respectively in Tianjin and Jiangsu Nantong city . The total floor area of 270000 square meters, currently has advanced die-casting equipment nearly 110 sets machine and equipment nearly 700 units, and in 2013 sales value exceeded 1billioin yuan.


    Wencan Company completed the equity structure adjustment in July 2014. In the same year in October completed joint-stock reform, officially changed its name to "Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd., and on 18 March 2015, success in the shares of small and medium-sized enterprises transfer system (the new board) listing.


    Guangdong Wencan will take this listing new board as an opportunity, to the company's development strategy oriented, adhering to the "honesty, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, to raise through the smooth implementation of capital investment projects, consolidate and enhance Wencan in the modernization of die casting industry dominant position, ensure that the company sustained, steady and rapid development, will continue to enhance the value of the company, determined to create a first-class in China large-scale die-casting enterprise and maximize the interests of investors, vying for outstanding enterprises and better serve the people in Lishui Town!



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