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    Congratulate Foshan Nanhai District business listing Association Adds two new board members of listed companies


    - the South China Sea, published in 2015 fifth, was published on 31st May:

        On May 19, Foshan City Nanhai District listed companies promote member of Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd. (stock referred to as "Wencan shares, stock code" 832154 ") and Guangdong Fine indium marine engineering stock limited company (stock referred to as" Fine indium marine ", stock code" 832495) both held new listing bell ceremony at 3-board in Beijing. the enterprises of Nanhai District of Foshan City listed promotion listed executive vice president, Nanhai District, Foshan City, express one plus one enterprise service center director, Guangdong Nan Tianming law firm founder Mr. Li Guang, were invited to attend and witness two companies entered the capital market with the glorious moments of milestone significance.

        Attended the bell ceremony with Nanhai District People's government, vice mayor Mr. Liu Mingen, Nanhai District listed office deputy director Mr. Quan Hong, Nanhai District Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Mr. Yong Yuanrong, Li Shui Town portreeve Mr. Ye Jian Hui, Li Shui Town President of the chamber Mr. Li Minguo etc. leadership. "

        As of now, in Nanhai district there is total of 14 listed companies, 12 new board listed companies, 53 Guangdong equity trading center listed companies. In Foshan, Nanhai District,  there is total of 78 Members of the listed companies, of which, 12 listed companies, 10 new three Board companies, 12 Guangdong equity trading center listed companies.

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